Fecal Score Dogs

Fecal Scoring Chart for pets you own

Highest or lowest scores are probably not what you want to see your dog get with these scores. Ever wonder if your dogs poop is normal? Is there a change is their poop? By looking at this chart, you can come up with a score and let your veterinarian know that score. Picking up feces…

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Great treats for dogs on strict diets.

Soft Baked Treats Prescription Diet Pack Front

Delicious treats that complement many prescription diet dogs foods your pet may be on. Complements Hill’s Science diets a/d, c/d multicare, i/d, h/d, j/d, k/d or r/d. It is proven to decrease the risk of struvite and oxalate stone formation. This is a yummy treat for pets on strict diets.

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Closed Labor Day

Two Cats Lying on a Blanket Facing Eachother

We will be closed Monday, Sep 6th. We hope you enjoy this extended weekend to relax and enjoy some time with your pets. https://chattvet.com/services/ https://www.facebook.com/chattanoogaveterinarycenter

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